Saturday, December 17, 2016

crazy weather

I woke up this morning to quite a hot house because the temp went up and up during the night and my heaters were on.  Now, in typical Tennessee fashion, the air is running.  On December 17th no less.  There is a 100% chance of rain with a cold blast behind it.  By tomorrow the "drip" notes will be back in place.  

I've already made my run to the 'gentral where I found good prices on a few things like butter for 2.50.  Larry went to see his Papa last night with Brook and was outside on the front porch when I woke up.   I'm not sure if she dropped him off or he just came back on his own!  Between me and her this dude seriously has it made.  When he saw her walk in the door he was so excited he jumped around like a kangaroo.  He loves to ride in the car and off they went to Lenox.  

We're still trying to figure out Christmas around here what with two work schedules that don't mesh.  It will be what it is.  Maybe Santa can figure it out.  I sent her some extra holiday bucks yesterday.  Girl struggles to pay the bills on minimum wage, even with a roommate which is a shame.  Thank goodness there's no kids to support!

I went down to check on the cabin and found the upstairs wall gone in Daddy's room.  It's a very different perspective looking down those steps now.  I get the mailbox but will have to find some guy to help me put it in the ground.  Mine has the front door missing which results in a lot of wet mail on rainy days.  

Mama's clock just chimed the ten o'clock hour playing Oh Christmas Tree. She keeps me on schedule and reminds me of the season every time it plays.  So now there is laundry to do and dishes to wash and floors to clean.  Oh Sugardaddy where art thou?????


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