Friday, December 2, 2016

here's your sign

My co-worker came rushing in breathless this morning saying she had witnessed a car crash with *no people* and was delayed while calling the law.  We all crawled into the boss's office window and watched the action.  It seems that somebody had parked in the patient loading zone and left his car in neutral then went inside.  When CB walked by she witnessed a driverless car rolling backwards and it smacked into not one but two vehicles.  Dude was looking pretty sheepish when the law showed up.  It was kind of funny except that I can totally see me doing something like that.  It reminded me of when I ran over Daddy's foot while he was getting out of the Camry at Aunt Granny's visitation.  

I can honestly say that today was like an episode of some TV medical show with lots of scurrying about and teamwork.  And, of course, chaos.  It was energizing for me because I was out there amongst them quite a bit rather than confined to the cubicle.  I actually stood up straight when I walked quickly from here to there.  I saw my Aunt Kathy and we shared Thanksgiving stories  

I'm off with a to-do list a mile long.  We'll see how all that turns out, umkay?  Y'all keep it between the lines and no texting while driving.  I almost had a wreck today from some idiot doing just that.  

Blessings ~

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  1. gosh what a story, all of the problem began by lousy driver