Monday, December 26, 2016

the morning after

We woke up early this morning and BG got packed to go back home to Jackson.  She couldn't find her bra and found it IN THE YARD thanks to Larry.  Ditto for her shoes and one of mine.  Rain is in the forecast and the wind is blowing pretty hard as in wobbling the car a bit.  I know every little landmark on 412 including but not limited to Jim Rice farm equipment right around Maury City and Friendship.  He is one of the best friends I've ever had though we don't see much of each other.   Green Frog Coffee Company and the Safari Park are also highlights of that strip.  When I was a teenager that highway was two lanes between people looking for something to do and places like Old English Inn and the pizza place that still stands.  It's heavily traveled by commuters to and from Jackson.  Today, the sun was shining and traffic was light.  Thank you sweet baby jeebus, and also that the car made it.  It worked out much better than I had "planned" with Lauren here for two nights and us just kind of each doing our thing.  For one of my presents she swept my room!!

The upstairs at the cabin is down to outside walls and studs which is pretty amazing.  It's so much lighter up there now! The steps are split log and in good shape.  I remember falling all the way down one time on my ass when I stepped on a wasp. 
Oddly enough, its healing for me to spend time there now that it doesn't look like what I've always known.  I'm seeing wooden floors that have been covered since I was a child.  I've spotted the windows I want already and they are to die for cute.  I picked up my mailbox from the porch and it rode shotgun up the lane to be installed whenever.  Do you have to do concrete for that?  

Probiotics are on the list.  I feel like a giant fungus and it's only to be expected with the barrage of antibiotics that healthcare throws at us.  Sometimes they're good.  If it's viral, forget it.  Flu season has officially begun which means it's a good time to wear a mask if you didn't get a shot.  Hit that hand foam y'all.  

Gotta go ask Larry where my other shoe is.   

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