Sunday, December 18, 2016


I went to bed during a thunderstorm surrounded by dogs with the AC running.  Sometime during the night I woke up cold and had to put on a robe.  Back to bed.  When I finally rolled out at 8AM the temp in my house was 52 and there was ice on the windows.  Only in Tennessee.  I did the usual reset and blew cold air.  Alrighty then, time to call Bubba.  We tried changing the batteries and no luck.  Thanks to propane guy there's plenty of gas.  The heater just won't strike.  Alright then..time to call Corey!  Now heat and air guys are notoriously absent on the weekends because a lot of them hunt and whatnot.  This unit has a ten year warranty on everything and it's only a couple of years old.  We shall see how I fare with these two little electric heaters through sub freezing temps.  I know, just couldn't resist the drama.

My friends Mamye and Steve heat with kerosene and wood and it's a daily battle for them to keep a warm spot.  There is always business at the k pump at the chicken store because "tis the season."  Poor Mr. Gene out there in his coveralls changing the gas prices.  I had intended to go to church today but then all the heat thing came up and it was too cold to take a shower so there you go.  Here I sit at the keyboard with all three faucets dripping!  

I really hope your holidays are merry and bright.  So far I've enjoyed being pulled into the season by others.  I feel something that is new, a coming together of the common folks who are being misled and screwed.  When things get bad enough ( and they will ) God has a history of stepping in with such things as fires and floods and such.  If I knew that my survival of that wrath depended on how I treat other people, I would sure be nicer.  The least of these are far more important than golden idols.  

We are still adjusting to having Larry back in our midst and I've found that he barks at everything that moves so it's best to keep the blinds closed.  I think he's got supersonic hearing too.  A family friend is coming this week to do a story about the cabin renovation.  She is quite the talented writer and this is one heck of a subject!!

Y'all stay warm out there.  OR in there.  And keep the faith ^j^

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