Monday, December 19, 2016

manic and merry

The heat got fixed mid afternoon yesterday and before long it was warm as toast.  Seems the regulator on the unit got frozen during the 50 degree drop in temp after the tornado warning.  Mamye and I made cookies, dipped pretzels and roasted pecans.  It was a good day with a good friend.  

I never left the house yesterday so even though the ice was gone my doors were frozen shut.  This involves a back seat entrance which is pretty hilarious to watch as I climb over into the driver's seat ( in the dark ) in the 15 degree weather.  I thought I had lost my phone last night and found it in the trash can by my desk ( thanks Lily) after sending a FB shoutout for somebody to call me!  The wonders of technology never cease to amaze.  

Meanwhile, the violence continues in the Middle East with an ambassador being gunned down at an art exhibition, all fully documented with pictures.  The Turk who did it supposedly was pissed about Syria,  Um, okay then.  Always with the Allah Akbar.  Geez man.  

As I've mentioned before this will be a very different Christmas and I might as well be working and spend it with my lab friends.  My family will gather at Millette's on the eve and it still haunts me that I bricked on that last one where everybody was alive and able to attend.  It's a good thing to be able to throw off guilt sometimes because spending your life with regrets is no way to live.  

I see most everything now as a blessing, even it if seemed painful at the time.  I've learned a lot about me myself and I this year. During a time when I was grieving heavily and had complications at work, I almost gave up the faith.  But then I saw my daughter change and grow in her new life and the pressure slacked off at work and the "firsts" are almost over with my parents' deaths.  

I forgot and left mama's Christmas clock in the room and heard at least three carols before I finally got up this morning.  It was too cold to leave the dogs out so they all piled up for the day inside and I headed to work.  Just another day in paradise. 

Emmaunel ~ 

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