Friday, December 30, 2016

peaceful easy feeling

That sigh of relief you hear is me walking away from the sawmill for a rare three day weekend,  It is absolutely cray cray up in there what with all the winter illness.  Our lab serves not only the inpatients and ER folks, but also lots of out patients from doctor's offices, home health agencies and the like.  The crud is slowly creeping all over.   The past two mornings it took a while to get the old sinuses cleared out.  I haven't seen a doctor because it costs too much and as long as there's no fever, I'll tough it out.  

As promised, I spoke with chicken store manager about Miss Ethel and he told me "if I knew the circumstances...yada."  All I could say is that she would not steal.  I've not known her very long but I know what kind of soul she has.  Those girls in there are straight up rock solid hard workers and he publicly humiliates them trying to act like big Ike in a little chicken store.  Most of them don't last long.  

I'm a gonna' try to figure out how to fry cabbage crisp enough that I'll like it because I need the folding money.  Peas will be from a can I feel sure.  Cornbread and voila.  Mr. Van used to carry all the essentials including hog jowl at the Plaza.  Lord I miss that place.  Billy Jack's farm equipment looks like an ad for an ag magazine.  At least when it floods again, there's nothing to be destroyed.  Two years back to back turned that two mile stretch into a no man's land.  The owner of the building next to the grocery lived in Memphis and it's actually pretty cool how the tiny bays are being restored.  Let's just say Southtown doesn't look dead anymore, as much. Well......

There are no resolutions here, only a peaceful wishing of joy for the new year.  I am manifesting my destiny as we speak because you never know when it's going to be a wrap.  If it did happen right now, I'd have no regrets.  I have made amends to those I've intentionally hurt and learned a kinder and gentler way of being.

One of my fondest memories is of my baby brother T dressed up like the New Year's baby, diaper and all, over at Gaga's house on Wheeler.  I'm pretty sure Millette was a player too.  These are the things that you can't make up and only a handful remember.  What is sad about the passing of family members is the shrinkage of those who can actually say "I remember that!."  lt's scary to be an elder :)

Epiphany ~

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