Wednesday, December 7, 2016

share away

I installed some code for a new share thingy on the blog with some online assistance from my friend Mahala in NC.  In the holler, of course.  She lives with her daughter TA (the Amazon) 45 minutes away from big city.  Thankfully she didn't get torched during the recent outbreak of forest fires in that quad.  

All the pecan picking of this season is about to come to a close because we have two huge batches to bag up and share.  Stuarts will be roasted, for my part.  The little ones are nice to grind up because they're sweeter.  I may not be a lot of things, but my Mama raised me to be a kick ass cook.  And polite to a fault.  Being assertive is something I had to learn in therapy.  Always the good girl little southern girl.  

I was only 14 when Woodstock happened which put me as a hippie wanna be.  I ran around with lots of older folks who were into the culture and the first doobie I ever smoked was with a guy named Jimmy who is long gone.  First time I got drunk was on Old Charter and I can't even stand to see a bottle to this day.  I snuck out of the house to meet a guy and got caught.  There was a divine being following me at all times because I could have had some really bad luck as naive as I was.  There's always that to be thankful for.'

The fuller Trump's cabinet gets the more I see how terribly screwed we are.  Not only do we have the two military guys in place but also Mitch McConnell's freakin' wife.  Sweet baby Jesus, hold me now.  

If anybody out there in Facebookland has some mistletoe you could shoot down and send to me I'd be much obliged.  Merry and bright, ya know?


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