Wednesday, December 28, 2016

the creeping crud

Well, as it turns out there's a strain of flu that the shot didn't cover  that is making the rounds already.  It's a crapshoot from year to year when big pharm chooses which ones to include.  We are seeing lots of folks with high fever and severe upper respiratory infections which may or may not be influenza.  In my case there's been no fever, but a miserable good old fashioned cold.  My co-worker and I sound just alike, hacking and sniffling through the day.  We both have a few shifts off coming to hopefully get back in shape for "winter in hospital land" which is kind of like a house on fire.  

I haven't owned a pair of boots in years choosing instead to tromp around in the snow and ice with just tennis shoes.  While I was at Walgreen today picking up cat food I saw some simple ones for 15 bucks and now I'm ready.  Got several cans of de-icer left from last year.  I do need to get the windshield washer fixed because it barely squirts on the driver side and not at all on the passenger side.  I also have antifreeze to get the doors open as well.  Be prepared, says my inner Girl Scout.  

It rained a LOT night before last and the water was still standing when I left for work.  I have to leave Larry in when it's like that because he's faster than the Camry in water!   I've decided that my friend Lorna is so right when she tells me to be kind to myself.  That's why I take the time to do simple things like try makeup and clothes again.  The makeup makes me itch and doesn't last long.  FINALLY my hair is long enough for Sondra to style into a clip so I don't look like Trump on a bad hair day.  

There will be a story, I feel sure.  My friend has enough information to weave one man's inheritance into the story of our family on this farm.  That covers 60+ years.  I don't think I'll be back there for awhile.  If it moves, there will have to be frozen ground and that's not always a thing here in West Tennessee.  Time will tell.

Ya'll cover your mouth when you cough and wear a mask when you need to.  It's ugly out there!


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