Friday, December 16, 2016

half a dog

Well folks, it's a Christmas miracle that should be a Hallmark movie.  Brook and I talked every day this week about Larry and were in daily contact with Wendell and Derrick 'n'them.  I had told the people at work what a dumbass I feel like for dropping a dog off at a shelter and then paying to get him back.  Kind of like marrying the same guy twice.  I ran into my old friend Ruth Brigance there and me and Wendell did a couple of big fat hugs on the parking lot while we loaded Larry into the crowded backseat.  He whined ALL the way home.  I seriously thought he was going to break his teeth off trying to get out of the cage when he saw me again.  Wendell said 'I told you mama would be back.'  There's this mastif that has his own room because he's so big.  I met a guy whose cat was in serious condition because brother slammed the door on him and also his girlfriend just left him and went back to TX.  He had scribbled on the top of his intake form....."please let me know how she's doing."  Said that cat was all he had.

I've decided that I talk entirely too much about things I can't control.  Let them get under my skin so to speak.  I mean the reality is this:  We have a president coming into office that has filled his cabinet with other robber barons.  I can't fix that because it's way bigger than me.  Same for healthcare.  And Wall Street.  And Syria.  

I heard a sermon one time where the speaker made the point that nobody was gonna' steal his joy.  That is what we do when we obsess about things that can't be changed.  Oh yeah, it's all cool to destroy the earth.  I just hope it happens quick and it doesn't hurt.  We are feeding paranoia to a country divided.  If half the GOP would stand up with McCain and say WHOA, well.  One can always dream I suppose.  It is Christmas.  

Bubba and I went over the timeline one day of where we did the holidays last year and Christmas brunch was a small affair of us four doing pot luck in the dining room and she looking quite frail.  The pain began shortly after that and was pretty much ignored until her return visit to the ortho.  That's when all hell broke loose...literally.  Failed screws in an osteoporitic hip.  There was a large bruise on the opposite side which was photogrpahed as a routine procedure.  It's required, you know.

So I'm back to colonoscopy in january come hell or high water. Or snow.  Where there's a will there's a way ~ 

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