Saturday, December 3, 2016

dream a little dream

I don't normally dream much because I go out like a light.  Last night was an entire dream sequence featuring my celebrity boyfriend John Cusack. We were at a party or something and he was oblivious to the fact that I am such a catch and he was ignoring me.  Where this came from I have no clue, except maybe I've been watching Shameless which stars his funny as hell sister Joan.  I caught another sister's name in the cast of Grey's Anatomy one day.  I reckon they're all in the business.  

Grocery shopping could wait no longer so I slept late and then went Krogering.  The Salvation Army folks were out there ringing bells and this time I had cash to put in the kettle.  Normally all I have is a card!  I've never worn leggings before this year and I can testify now that I am in love with them.  Totally.  To hell with a bunch of zippers and buttons.  Granted, there are many folks who can't get away with the look in public...y'all know the ones. The  oversize Santa shirt that Mom gave me is just right for covering the butt and belly which continues to grow. No, I'm not pregnant.  I've just regained the appetite I lost during five grueling years of drama.  There were times when my co-workers told me I was so thin I looked "sick" and that was at 148.

I was foolish enough to get into a contract with DirecTV via ATT when I don't even watch it.  Services have been reduced for weeks now and the only way i know is by email.  If it doesn't happen on this laptop or the phone, I don't know about it.  Not a bad way to live.

Here are some things I've discovered bring me great joy.  Burning white sage. Peach Pecan whiskey.  Frankincense.  Soy candles. Hand crafted natural soaps.  Spontaneous visits from friends with a history.  Shooting the breeze.  Life is not a race.  

Happy weekend to you and your mama'n'them.