Monday, December 12, 2016

at the shelter

Larry and I went in to chat with Wendall this morning about a fostering plan.  I didn't realize how BUSY things are for these folks on Monday after being closed for a day.  There was a lady from Missouri who adopted a dog on Saturday and had come back to get the vet records.  A calico cat that looks just like Lily was perched on the counter and proceeded to crawl on my shoulder and around my neck just like Lily does.  The place was crawling with volunteers doing various things like transport to the vet's office and one was even painting a picture of a dog on the wall.  I saw one lady leave in tears because she didn't have the money to get her dog out.  I certainly know the feeling.  Faith got picked up 3 times and I should have had to go to court for #3 but they let me slide.  They are good people doing their best to take care of furbabies.  The shelter is named after Mrs. Betty Parker and Tommy Lipford who were both animal lovers.   The humane society is a class act that has struggled with funding since day one.  Consider a donation to them if you will.  Do it for Larry.  

The aches and pains have gotten pretty bad again so I'm off to see Gay with the magic hands tomorrow after work.  Myofascial release is a technique that was developed by a physical therapist in which the practitioner stretches out the fascia that surrounds the entire body.  Unlike chiropractic medicine or massage, the focus is on releasing the tightness of that fascia which causes a world of problems.  A stretching out of things, if you will.  Gay treated me when I had the bitch right shoulder that eventually went under the knife because of a completely torn tendon.  I heard it snap when I hit the ground.  I wasn't able to have surgery for about six months so she kept me going, and her treatment after surgery is what helped me recover.  

I haven't seen BG since Thanksgiving because of our work schedules and tight money plus crappy car.  Boy do I miss her!  She is happy and well and that's all that matters.  Christmas is up in the air depending on our work schedules so I don't have a clue what will happen.  My cousin Mo who makes Martha Stewart look like a novice is hosting the entire family on Christmas Eve for brunch.  I'm making Gaga's famous cheese grits.  

It's quiet around here today which is what I need.  Y'all know where to find me.  On Pecan Lane :)


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