Thursday, December 22, 2016

could break an anvil

I have a reputation for being tough on appliances and lawnmowers.  That's why I now pay Mayberry to do it because it's much easier than trying to keep a mower going in this yard full of roots.  Ain't got time for that.  He has really done an amazing job of shaping up the landscape around here which formerly looked like the grapes of wrath kind of deal.  Daddy bought a mower on the farm's dime once not knowing it wasn't really the cool thing to do so that mower is still taking care of the shack.  What goes around comes around.  I used it a couple of years until Bubba grounded me from it.  I broke a lot of belts.

I also tend to overload the washer but have been quite careful since Kevin got onto me about it.  The other day I set the load to small for tennis shoes only and forgot to change it when I put the next bunch in.  Um...loud noises and dead last night.  The stove too.  There's no light in the basement so I went down there with my phone to flip breakers which didn't help.  Oh well.  It'll be there tomorrow, I thought.  I gave a shoutout to a buddy who said he'd check things out.  

When I got home I pulled out the washer to find it and the stove were unplugged, probably by the jarring action.  One issue addressed.  After a fitful start it did, indeed, drain and spin.  Thank you sweet baby jeebus.  Oh, and also thanks for helping my friend Tiff get a new car!  She loves you tons.  

The sawmill will be skeleton crew for four days and then for four more next weekend.  I'm kind of looking forward to the non hustle and bustle of daily business.  I'll bring the tequila.  Just kidding folks.  We are medical professionals.  When we're not saving lives, we're eating.  

I've been channeling Meredith Gray lately in some odd way....that show is so real with humor and compassion that I relate to most every scene and relationship.  I've lived most of them over 40 years.  

Larry got grounded today for digging at the chicken pen though I doubt he minded.  It was nice not to have to dodge him in the dark!  I just didn't have it in me to stop more than one place so I paid 8 bucks at the chicken store for a bag of food that will feed the tribe once.  OMG>   Just about every time I've been in there this week it's been with teary eyes.  Ethel notices.  

Enjoy the moments ~

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