Thursday, December 29, 2016


I was raised in that little Beaver Cleaver bubble where you think that life is fair which it most definitely is not.  After getting dumped by my first love, I grieved for years.  That was my first experience of having something bad happen and not knowing "why".  I suppose it's my scientific analytical side that always wants to know a reason to feel more comfortable with tragedy.  Miss Ethel is a spitfire of a woman who works at the chicken store, until today.  She's the one who calls everybody "beautiful" and keeps the pace going when there's lots of traffic.  She was fired today because somebody isn't paying attention to who's doing the work and satisfying the customers.  It's on my to do list to call her manager and tell him how much I will miss her.  I just wish everybody would do that, in her honor.   I certainly know the feeling of being done wrong by people in the power position.

The weather is strange just like the rest of 2016.  When I read that Debbie Reynolds died too I just about keeled over.  Enough already!  Sadly, that's the circle of life and what shocks us today will be forgotten in the days to come when more loss comes.  That's why it's so very important to really grieve a loss in healthy ways because if you don't it's like carrying an anvil around the rest of your life.   Most of us think of these losses in terms of death of a person but every change in life from moving to changing jobs to marrying or divorcing marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.  Be kind to thyself.  

The cold is better but still hanging on.  The dogs have settled into a routine of staying inside when I leave and there have been very few accidents, thank the lort.  They are learning to sit for treats except for Oscar who just looks at me like WTF.  He's the one who was physically abused by the crazy previous neighbors.  

Hang in there kids.  It's a new year on the horizon which means a clean slate and plenty of opportunity to screw up set the world on fire!  

Namaste ~

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