Wednesday, November 30, 2016

in the dark

I didn't even notice it but one of the ancient pecans became uprooted and was dangerously close to bringing down the electrical wires.  My brother called around dark thirty to let me know that they would be cutting the power for a couple of hours to get limbs off before they destroyed the whole deal.  Now, for a country girl I am ill prepared for power outages.  I have kerosene lanterns with no kerosene.  I have no candles except for those little tea lights that don't do squat for seeing.  With no computer and nothing to do I wandered around the house with my phone as a light trying to find things and finally gave up and went to the porch to watch the show.  There were several trucks and a lot of lights and I listened to the buzz of the chainsaw and enjoyed the light show about 100 yards away.  I could hear the voices and see the guy out in the field with a power beam dancing off the trees.  Two and a half hours later the power was back on and it was bedtime!

When Ryder had her last litter by Chester, she chose to give birth under the barn floor which was totally out of reach for us.  We could hear them but couldn't see them until BG came up with the grand idea of using the light on her phone.  There were 9 of them, and Sophie was the keeper.  The rest went to various homes thanks to incredibly generous people.  They were barely weaned when Ryder took a flying leap out in front of my brother's truck and got hit.  She ran back to the house and seemed to be okay.  Sometime during the night she crawled into my room and lay down beside my bed where she took her last breath while I rubbed her head.  I had to work so Bubba came out and buried her before I ever got home.  This yard is a virtual pet cemetery including numerous cats, Butterbean, Ryder, Faith and Lord knows who else.  Oh yeah....the horse is buried behind the barn!  He's supposed to have a headstone with Pride on it but that hasn't happened.  

I'm hitting the naproxen again which is helping with arthritis somewhat.  It's what my Daddy took for years before Celebrex got rolled out at a hefty price, then pulled from the market.  He used to actually get gold shots the old school way from Dr. Holt in Memphis.  

Propane guy made a delivery and I've lost the receipt already but I'm sure I've got enough to get me through until the deep freeze.  Good old Butch.  Since pecan season is winding down we'll be hauling our loot to Tatumville for the crack and blow treatment for which the Lowrances are famous.  Plus, they're cheaper than you know who.

Over and out....peace and love ^j^

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