Sunday, July 31, 2016

another grocery run

Ever since BG has been in Jackson our outings have been limited to trips to Kroger during our visitation.  We talk on the phone about what's important so it's just good to have face time even if it is wandering around with a cart listening to piped music.  It's time for me to hit Bubba's gas pump because I've got a pile of fuel points and today was double!  She's packing to move into the next house which means no visits for two weeks, AKA blackout.  We've done that before, without the phone contact so it won't be so difficult this time around.  

Several folks came by Casa Grands yesterday while I was working and even spent some money.  I got a call from picker Bill today wanting something he saw.  He's not well, but said he'd be here soon to get them.  I love knowing where all these pieces are going!  It's like keeping them in the family only without the clutter.  

Daddy's burial flag was one of the things I brought home, along with other odds and ends that nobody would notice but me.  My mother's crystal ringstand.  It sat on her dresser until the day she left there in September.  August 1st of 2015 was the day my doctor friends told me to leave him alone after a week in ICCU struggling to breathe.  It was a seamless transfer to the family room where we all spent our final hours with him. Until the drugs got adjusted, he still had trouble breathing.  Right before that is when he told me he wanted to die.

Our of the original pack of guys he ran with, there are very few still living.  One by one these icons have passed onto glory with him waiting there for him.  I hear another one is in transition.  The circle of life, y'all.  

I saw the ONLY other Bernie sticker besides mine on a bumper at the store in Jackson.  That made me smile thinking of all those  months ago when I got my freebie and slapped it on that Camry.  This man has done for American politics something that needed to be done for a long time....he shook up the establishment.  I respect him and will follow his lead.

The lack of a reliable car is getting to be a pain in the ass, so to speak.  I literally pray every time I hit 412 and count off the kazillion roads named after people that line Crockett and Madison counties.  I know where every pit stop is and actually made it today without having to stop.  Little miracles abound.

By the time I pass Jim Rice's place with all the green and white I know I'm almost home.  Just past there is the road leading to Friendship proper where my friend Cathy lives.  Bonicord is next, then Tigrett.  Lauren moved into a  house right there at the exit on Ashley Road for a week before the shit hit the fan.  And you know it always will, when you least expect it.  

Keep smiling....keep shining ~

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