Monday, July 4, 2016

oh happy day

It's hotter than tge 4th of wait it IS the 4th of July.  The sawmill wasn't too bad for a holiday Monday so that's a blessing.  We actually got to eat.  Twice.  On the way home I steeled myself to pick up the sharp shooter and dig the Queen Anne's lace out of the hard ground managing to get a nice root for next year's crop.  It's the little things that I'm beginning to enjoy again.   Nothing is more magical than planting something and totally forgetting about it until it comes back again.  Annuals are fine and all that but perennials are what's up for the lazy gardener.  

The neighbors just posted a sink full of corn and lord knows they've worked for it the hard way!  Somebody at work gave me a few ears and I'm having that for dinner.  It's a tradition at the Autry estate on Highway 104 to grill on the 4th, and any other time Keith gets in the mood.  I had to pass today so I could get out of the heat and under the air.  

The war on terror is now a war of terror and I know in my heart that our country played a large part in the radicalization of so many young Muslims worldwide.  Our military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan did nothing but make Halliburton money, kill a lot of our soldiers, and piss the jihadists off even more.  In my humble opinion this massive government spending on a no-win situation was a major cause of the financial crisis that was born in 2008 and dogs us still.  Well that and Brexit.

The rain just started but may pass in time for fireworks. If I'm awake I'll view from the bigass window in my office.   Give me liberty ~

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