Thursday, July 14, 2016

stormy weather

I had several errands to run and headed out this morning to work through the list.  First was my last office visit with the retiring Dr. Algee, a non-medical chat about life in general and a plan we had hatched that I failed to follow up on. He wished me the best and the office staff was throwing a going away lunch for him.  He has worked with at a lot of places over the years including the VA clinic.  Lake county boy.

About the time I left his office the thunder and lightning commenced and followed me to the car dealership where I actually got what I needed to submit to the trustee.  Baby steps, as they say. I dropped that off at lawyer #1 and proceeded to find that lawyer #2 had moved across the square.  Also a Lake county boy, he and I go way back and it's a treat just to sit and talk with him.  My tennis shoes were soaked by then so I just sat there with wet feet feeling grateful for friends who care.  I asked about his mama and he said her mind is still quick like Miss Janice's was until the end.  

After that it was lunch with Lorna and Jasper and some sporadic conversation in between force feeding the burger to him and letting the dogs in and out.  We mostly talk by phone when Jasper is asleep!  Dude is a handful but quite a loving little boy.  He kept hugging me and wanting to ask me something.  Everybody's grandma...that's me.

The rest of the day is mine.  If the washer worked I'd do some laundry but noooo...This too shall pass.


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