Saturday, July 2, 2016

let freedom ring

Alrighty then!  Here we are on the precipice of Independence Day 2016.  Lorna came by to visit a while ago and we enjoyed the luxury of talking in person at the  round oblong table in my green kitchen.  She said the house has a different feel now, which is true.I It kinda' stinks because of the washer situation but that's what Febreze is for.  As soon as the piddling is done, the floors will be clean.  

Daddy's peach tree was loaded when Mo and I went down to move the china hutch so I imagine they're close to ready.  That's the extent of my outing today I figure.  Maybe the chicken store while I'm in the car.  Gigi said I can use her washer to get a few things clean.  I was actually googling laundry mats in Dyersburg earlier.  Lerd.

When we were at the new downtown project yesterday Chris found a frog nestled between the ancient brick wall and floor in a crack.   I remember there were several who used to hang on the window at the log cabin and BG named them.  It's pretty much a leap of faith kind of deal if I understand my totems correctly.  

Y'all be safe and always remember to hold the roman candles away from the body, umkay?  I don't want to see your dumb ass all up in the ER with third degree burns from being stupid.  Also please don't leave your child in a hot car.  Or be mean to folks.  

Valerian plus mag and passion flower has turned out to be quite the relaxant in a way that you can get up and go and not hurt.  My knee has been killing me for weeks and now, not so much even without the deadly naproxen.  Now if I could just get some cannabis oil.  


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