Saturday, July 30, 2016

like a trojan

I woke up pretty early even though I was up 'til midnight.  The gentral opens at 8 so I hit them up for some wet swiffers and headed on down to Casa Grands for a very long session of sweat and no tears.  It ain't perfect but you can walk in there now.  With all the distracting things gone, the logs are clearly visible and looking like they might not make it up the hill.  Bobby Dean helped me move out what I wanted and I commenced to clean like a motha'.  I spent way too much time peeling stickers off glass if you know what I mean.  

I now have possession of a chest made by my father the hard way with fairly modern tools.  BD found his name scribbled on the wood inside.  Oscar went for a road trip and even got to come in the house for once.  Daddy would have never allowed it because they'd be fighting from the get go.  I found a picture of his favorite dog Rip that i had taken and framed for him.  Funny how that stuff comes back around.  Being a cattle man he always favored border collies.  

As for me and mine...we will remain faithful.

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