Thursday, July 21, 2016

the raptor

My latest totem was actually a buzzard working the bean field for critters.  He and his buddy were flying and swooping down low scouting the menu.  If the rabbits are smart they'll hide in the corn with the children.

Tree cutting guy came out yesterday and cleaned up the mess from our power outage.  It's still ( newsflash ! ) a hundred degrees with no relief in sight.  I remember the hottest summer ever EVER that went about 20 days straight topping the 100 degree mark. I didn't plan ahead and ended up with a driveway full of furniture to refinish in said heat.  It wasn't pretty.

The car dealership just called to ask me if I was still interested in that new car and I had to explain that I had just seen it and liked it but "it's complicated."  She empathized with what she has heard is a very LONG process in the BK court to be able to purchase a reliable vehicle.  Meanwhile, I drive to Jackson every week in an old car  could blow out at any minute.  I've noticed that 412 is smooth as silk until you hit Madison county and after that it's a freakin' bunch of potholes.  What up folks?  You've got people commuting from all over West Tennessee to your city for work.  Help them out.  And also, it would help if you would open up CC Lane.  Just saying.  

I have been anxiously waiting for carpool karaoke with Michelle Obama and was delighted to find Missy Elliott all up in there too.  This is the funnest way ever to entertain besides Netflix or tubing while drinking beer.  

It's quiet but I'm about to crank up the new washer.  Y'all be careful out there and drink your gatorade.  

Peace ~

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