Thursday, July 7, 2016

creative scamming

I went to Casey's for a sandwich at lunch today because it's close and I'm tired of Sonic's dolla' menu.   I never leave my car running but today was an exception because it's so damn hot and I wanted to munch in the cool air.  I sat and ate and looked at my phone barely noticing this guy trolling the lot and approaching people as they left.  hen the lady parked next to me got pinned in and gave me a look on the way out I knew he was headed my way so I just rolled down the window.  "Yes sir?"  Dude proceeded to tell me this long pitiful story about how his car was broke down on the interstate and his wife and two kids were out there frying.  Some old guy had brought him to town ( from KY, of course ) to get an alternator but he was 17 bucks short for the part  he needed.  "What part" I asked.  He said alternator and immediately my radar went to WTF.  "So you're going to put an alternator in your car on the interstate??"   Yep.  I told him I couldn't help him and he got mad and said why did I ask all those questions if I didn't intend to help him.  He then walked to the gas pump, got in the driver's seat of a vehicle and drove away.  This sweet  girl at work overhead me telling the story and he got her for 13 on the 4th 2 miles away.   Damn.

You knew it was coming so brace yourselves for a rant on law enforcement.  #1 thing is this, if a guy has a tail light out and you pull him over and he reaches for the ID  that you asked for, that is not provocation to shoot him in his own car and scream like a baby especially when there's a baby in the damn car.  Now I have to admit, the girlfriend was quite dramatic but shit,  I wouldn't have been quick enough to film it and would be just another blood spatter on the concrete.  The cop mentality is one of paranoia many times, and rightfully so.  Mental health screenings are pretty much missing for those who do the job, and the nature of the work tends to cause an officer to break after some time.   Not an excuse.   All cops should be like my friend Sam who is Andy Griffith re-incarnated.

The flip side of that is the ones who are on a power trip and I know a kazillion of 'em.  To hell with the law man!  I will mess your world up and make money for the prison system.   Once again I will state, as I have felt since Ferguson, the mob mentality that this kind of stupid killing incites is exactly what the system wants.  That way they can arrest more and make more and so on and so forth.  Many a county government runs on fines paid through local courts.  

This paranoia about black people is crazy and I can't believe it exists.  It's the same with Muslims and ISIS.  If we are people of faith, why are we scared?  God has gotten the attention of mankind in many ways over the years so what we're experiencing now is less like the second coming and more like you reap what you sow.  The sad thing is that innocents suffer along with the doers of evil.

Today's totem was a turkey trotting across the lane as I pulled in from work.  Still hot and humid and that won't change for many weeks.  This is what's know as mid-summer in the southeast.  Or anywhere, for that matter.  Thank you Lord for air conditioning.  

Since I'm on a roll, let's talk about queers.  Why the hell do you even care what people do behind closed doors? That good book of yours says do not judge in a whole heckuva' lot of places. Oh, and the glass houses thing.  What's the difference in alternative sexual lifestyles and all your swinging outside the marital union. Gotta stop..I'm beginning to sound like Trae.

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