Friday, July 29, 2016

money for nothing

For the second time in a month I was approached in a convenience store parking lot by a guy whom I recognized right off the bat as he approached me.  He targets folks as they're leaving the store and gives them a big sob story about his wife and kids who are never anywhere to be seen.  First time he got me at Casey's and claimed his car was broke down on the interstate and the babies were FRYING out there in the heat.  He almost had me but the radar went off when he said he wanted the money for an alternator.  His partner parks by the gas pump while he works the crowd and then they move onto the next adventure.  I spotted him immediately today so was able to get a plate # off the small silver SUV.  

I jotted down the number and proceeded to visit the DPD to pass on the info.  Dispatch was quite familiar with the MO and plate number but a nice young red headed cop interviewed me anyway because I took the time to come in.  Since I've had not one but two encounters I was able to give a pretty good description. Even knowing all that, I felt a twinge of guilt but figured if he is sincere and needs help, the boys in blue will help him with local resources.  These are the kind of folks who troll churches they've never entered for "help" with utility bills and rent.  Sad, but true.  It's a con game consisting of living off of the good will of others.  Jesus doesn't like that one bit.  While I was waiting for the officer I found a framed photo of my Uncle Bud on the wall from when he was chief of police.  

There is already chatter about the sale and several inquiries which is fine by me.  In my dreams, the good stuff would be gone by the sale date and we'd just load the rest of it on the trailer.  There are several very nice pieces to be had including a thousand pound dining room table that's solid wood.  

Yesterday gave me a chance to get a little organized so that the weekend can be mine.  I'll be going to Jackson on Sunday and catching up with Mr. Hal tomorrow.  I have food in the frig, made it to the gas pump at the chicken store this morning without running out and enjoyed a decent day at the sawmill.  For all of these things and more, I thank you Big Ernie.

Let us keep the faith with all our hearts ^j^

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