Saturday, July 16, 2016

pot of gold

The last time I remember seeing a rainbow was in December just a few days before Christmas.  Mom was in the rehab post hip pinning where we celebrated the holiday in their empty dining room, our little tribe of 4.  She was so frail and cold and little sitting there under a blanket.  Yesterday afternoon as I sat in the kitchen typing and thinking, I noticed that a rainbow had appeared out back at the usual spot.  This one was visible from end to end and positioned directly over the barn.  I took it as a sign from Mama and Big Ernie to keep the faith in spite of it all.  

My mind is now fully wrapped around several of the possibilities for the rest of my life and it took awhile for that to sink in and become real.  I am most certainly not in charge and have learned the hard way that rushing things often ends in regret.  A mindful listening to the whispers of the universe and Holy spirit are required to keep from jumping here there and yon with no purpose: i.e. reacting vs acting.  

A friend gave me a book named Five Stones which is about developing tools to kill the giants in your life like David did.  He was there at the battle quite by accident delivering supplies to his brother and found himself killing the giant Philistine with nothing more than a slingshot which he was quite proficient with.  That was his tool along with carefully chosen stones.  Each of us can kill the giants in our lives like disease, relationship problems and other stuff by learning to believe that it's possible through faith.  From one Methodist to another, thank you Sue. 

I have heard two different people lately sit and espouse
 ideas as their own when they actually came from my own mouth.  While I know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery it's kind of disheartening when they are heard and I am not.  But then, I've got bigger worries by far.  I'm trying my best to just turn it over to Big Ernie so prayers for that to happen would be  much appreciated.  I can feel it, you know.   

Tomorrow is Billie Godwin Staffords 85th birthday, may he rest in eternal peace.  I feel the uneasiness creeping in that surrounds late July and August of last year.  Firsts are always hard.  My friend Vicki lost her own mama this week and my heart aches for her because my memories are still fresh of the agony of waiting for the inevitable.  In God's time, of course.

Besides the rainbow there's a new totem in my life at none other than the chicken store where I greet Mr. Gene and the unhappy cashier early each morning on the curb.  There's a border collie mix with a collar roaming around probably looking for droppe food and today I noticed he had a ball in his mouth.  That made me smile.

Serenity ~

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