Wednesday, July 27, 2016

fungus among us

I'm gonna' have to wear a mask to take pictures of the vintage windows in the basement that will be in our saleapalooza next month.  The guy who installed the new ones tried to snatch them for his wife and I said umm.  Nope.  I've been looking through them this long so I'll figure out a way to turn a buck.  They will go into the big pile down at Casa Grands which is cooling as I type.  

Mr Snake lives there a lot which creeps me out but I think there's light now maybe so we shall see.  The heat wave is set to end tomorrow for us and I say Amen and thank you sweet baby jeebus.  It's been ridiculous in an oddly Southern sort of way.  I keep looking for the kudzu blooms but so far nothing.  I had no clue that they bloomed until my friend Idgie at the Dew posted about it.  The tend to cluster where the kudzu drapes over something like a tree or bush.  Or body!

I stopped by the Mayor's office to give Mozella her B12 shot and I'm praying I don't get stopped for a moving violation with a 5 cc syringe waiting to be properly disposed of.  We use these times to bond and hug and profess our love for all things us and our families together.  In an era when many Southerners espoused hatred and violence toward blacks, I grew with a whole tribe of them who took me in.  I never heard either of my parents say the N word and haven't done it myself, if I do remember correctly.

I was raised by black ladies who did domestic work and one of them is still alive in a Lake county nursing home.  I see her when shes at the sawmill and we never did go to Boyette's.  Her sister in law Margaret was the cutest little dumpling you ever saw with pigtails and a fun personality.  

There is no room in this current social crisis for violence and hatred.  Cut your losses, turn over Congress to the people and do your job.  End of story.  Realize that the collapse of and bailout of Wall Street in 2008 haunts us still in the form of lack of access to basic things like healthcare and nutrition.  Which are linked scientifically, BTW.  Also take into account that people are fleeing countries in boats to escape the harsh reality of you know who.  From this point on, they shall be some other name to me.  Like maybe FRED.

I told Mozella when the rain starts I'll dance nekkid' in it and I have to say I've done it before, right Yaya?  I saw the beautiful faces of my three best friends in one shot and it absolutely made my day even though I missed it live.  I don't even own lipstick so I would NOT have fit in.  

Our public transit in the 'burg consists of one cab service.  No bus service, The train, that's in Newbern.  BG actually rides a bus to work in a nearby town.  It would be nice to have that sort of convenience.  However I do have several heroes in the wrecker business who have gotten our asses cars from point A to point B.  You can't make this shit up.  

Time to get busy being organized.  

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