Wednesday, July 20, 2016

illegal smile

My friend Liz spent her last day at the sawmill today and we hugged a lot and talked about how she's looking forward to Roellen time.  We have both worked there since we were 22 and it won't seem right not to see her hiking up and down the hill. She had smoked her last illegal work cigarette and was heading back in when I hightailed it out to meet the washer delivery guys on the hill.  As usual GPS won't track the new road name.  The official name got changed two years ago but things fall through the cracks sometimes.  

I didn't even notice until after they left that the tree cutting guy did his thing on that giant limb today and it's gone gone.  A breeze came up and a little thunder when I was rolling in as I exited the not so trusty Camry and it felt like heaven.   I've been ready for fall since spring ended.   This girl does not do heat well, just saying.

Other than that and Mrs. Trump, I got nothing.  Just bless her heart and the poor fool who wrote the speech.  Ain't nothing sacred.  

Namaste ~

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