Sunday, July 17, 2016


Sometimes you have to be careful what you pray for, however I felt every single one of them that got lifted up for me these past few days.  I'm sure the rainbow didn't hurt matters nor the soy candle that's burning as I type on the "altar".  I'm calling my inner big girl in ways that are necessary for me to survive mentally and physically.  And little by little, I'm finding her again.  

She is the one who stands up for justice and has a soft spot for the least of these.  She is also the one who will cry like a baby over something sad or when really REALLY about to be mad as in running Stafford fit.  I haven't had that kind of energy in a long time and I'm so not an angry person either passively or aggressively.  I'm the little earth mother hippie chick redneck country girl who believes in goodness and peace.  

I felt so sorry for the little carhop at Sonic today delivering my three separate orders to the Camry in hundred degree heat. Yesterday's haul was 6 from Mexico....also in a hundred degrees.  Soon as I get a day off I'll hit up the dentist and see about these poor remaining teeth. 

Daddy is now 85 in heaven.  Bubba went gravewatching this morning and even peered through the windows of the mausoleum to report that Mr. Fisher is resting well.  The last time I visited their gravesite, there still was no grass.  I think that will help, ya know?  

onward ~   

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