Sunday, July 3, 2016

let's go krogering

I took off for Jackson today with an uneasy feeling, probably just because it's so hot and there could be stray thunderstorms anywhere along that 40 mile stretch.  As it turned out the only danger I saw was a huge hawk headed straight for the windshield who lifted up right before he smacked me.  I can hear me now calling roadside assistance on a holiday weekend. 

Because of said holiday there so no meeting prior to visitation so it was bonus!time enough to go grocery shopping.  If you ask how I know that miracles are happening I will just say that there is a gratitude for little things now that I never saw before.  I learned last time after a grocery run that there's a pole next to Ms. Ann's house so I navigated that safely today so as not to fun afoul on the one way street that is McCowat.

Visitation day is all about the kids mostly...the ones who want to hang out with Mom or Daddy and don't see much of them otherwise.  I feel fortunate that there is not a child involved in our little scenario right now.  I mean like super duper fortunate.  My daughter and I shopped with she knowing exactly what to pick up and me still searching for canned crab meat.  And of course, they had it.  You GO Kroger.

Meanwhile Ryan's crew has shown up with lots of action on the yard and snake situation.  I've been scared to even wear flip flops unless I can see the ground.  I know..they're nice and eat varmints.  They still creep me out.

I passed about 20 fireworks stands today and all of them were packed with a decoy law car in the lot.  People get stupid and alcohol, rednecks and fireworks don't mix well.  I visited the annual Johnson family gathering yesterday and brought home a plate of grilled food and such that I haven't tasted in years.  They were all scattering by the time I drove up in the rain.  Me and James Frank and a couple other guys sat under the tent talking about the history of that piece of land next to the mighty Forked Deer.  I mean, it's like God is giving me the story bit by bit now that I'm still enough to listen.  

Please remember everybody who works on  holidays which is now freakin' everyone thanks to corporate America.  I will at least get a paid day off at another time.  Many will  not.  The ISIS thing is way out of control and unless all the countries come together for common good, it's gonna' be more of the same.  I hate to be an alarmist, but remember Left Behind?  The difference between then and now is that technology allows folks to broadcast themselves in the act of murder.  I don't know about y'all but I'd gladly go without the internet if I thought it would help.

Feeling the Bern ~

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