Monday, July 18, 2016

happy feet

A pair of Nikes will usually last me about six months before body aches and pains set in due to the constant walking on concrete floors.  The ones I slipped on this morning had a hole in the toe and a flapping sole.  I took my lunch to go get new ones and  I can already feel my body shifting.  Thank you JCP for good deals.  

My badass phone now says 105 with a very high dewpoint due to none other than "corn sweat."  Now I didn't know until I read it on the innerwebs that corn sweat is a product of growing the grain which sucks the water out of the earth and expels it into the hot air where it hangs like a heavy curtain.  Um.  Yep.  Then the heat dome traps it and there you go.  Dog days for sure.  The humidity is so high that the ancient pecans are getting soggy and dropping off huge limbs, one of which killed the power last night.  I was dead asleep when Beverly texted me and sure enough...the fan was off.  She kept me posted and when I left for work this morning I expected to see some little branch laying under the power line.  Instead there was half of a hundred year old pecan tree right across from my driveway.  Huge.  BIG!  Had I been driving in at that time I would be dead or at the very least carless.  

Prayers carried me through another day in paradise and BG called me from a phone that I recognized so there's that to be grateful for.  I am purposely avoiding the political conventions because honestly, what they say isn't our reality.  All politicians claim to honor the Constitution and change things.  In order for things to change there has to be dialogue and there doesn't seem to be a lot of that going on.  It's the usual pissing match between celebrities with money.  

The people I admire are the ones who use their wealth and power to advance humanity and defend basic human rights like freedom of speech.  It's been months since I've thought about my celebrity boyfriend John Cusack but he is one of those I respect because of his defense of Edward Snowden.  This man had more intel than could be imagined and instead of letting him say his piece the whole world went batshit crazy and left him in Russia.  I can see him being a kind of reverse spy, you know?  

Everyone who has been punished for speaking out for the right to be heard is a victim.  Nobody is God and makes all the rules except well, God.  If you paid any kind of attention in history class you know that it has "always been thus and so" with wars.  Over religion or territory or money or whatever.  People just want to be right.  

Gotta' run.  I have an assignment due tomorrow.  


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