Monday, July 11, 2016

twenty four hours a day

Our 24 hour mother daughter visit was quite low key and restful.  Friends stopped by briefly but for the most part it was just me and the BG doing our things in tandem.  We spent Sunday morning grocery shopping and checked out a different doughnut shop that is the closest to Floyd's that I've ever tasted.  His place was next to where the Episcopal church sits and it was like sugar heaven.  He and the missus were perpetually covered with flour and the scent of fried pastry.

On the way home we noticed a huge plume of smoke coming from around Four Points and joked that maybe the 'gentral was on fire and WHAT would I do without it.  This morning I found out that it was a house fire and two little girls died there.  Rumors are swirling and investigations continuing.  Others got out.  Supposedly the fire started in the attic and the ceiling caved on the girls.  Peace be still.

I spent several years as a resident of Memphis and though it's big and a lot of trouble, it's a good place to visit.  I was amazed to hear of the peaceful Black Lives Matter protest there yesterday.  That this happened in the city where MLK was murdered by a crazy white cracker at the Lorraine  is even more of a sign that there is hope for us all.

I had my hands full when I departed the chicken store yesterday and left my wallet on top of the *not so trusty* Camry.  When I got home with the debit card in my pocket and proceeded to put it back is when I discovered it was gone.  I called the store and Delilah checked the parking lot but nothing.  I  drove the route again finding zilch and messaged my dear bank friend who told me as long as I have the card it's good.  I told BG I was thinking maybe some kind soul would find it and call me because # is on the check!  And you know what?  About two hours later he did and I made my first trip down Carter Lane to retrieve important things like license, registration and insurance.  Then I had a corn dog from Sonic.  

My friend Chucky shared a mashup with me one time called "i don't give a fuck no more" which is always fun to sing along with.  Just talked to Annie and I'm headed to the CPC by work tomorrow to take a picture of the baptismal bearing her family name.  I do believe there's a story up in there involving my own family.  

Peaceful protest and dialogue.  That's what's up ^j^

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