Saturday, July 23, 2016

fear and loathing

I'm not old enough to remember the McCarthy era but I imagine it was pretty similar to what's going on right now.  Politicians on a witch hunt are never what our forefathers envisioned for our country.  That being said let me be perfectly clear that the possibility of Trump as president scares the shit out of me.  So much progress has been made over the years in human rights and social change for us to just hand it over to conservatives.  Once you earn it, you have to fight hard to keep things in motion.  I'm not a fan of Hillary and would have absolutely cut off my right hand to see a Sanders/Warren ticket but that ain't gonna' happen so....there you go.  

The media is fanning the flames of racism and violence because lord knows everybody loves a good brawl.  When I was buying the washer dude had Memphis news on the desk and showed me this 95 year old lady hanging on to her purse for dear life while some thug drug her across the concrete.  Was he black?  Yes.  Do white guys do this?  YES.   African Americans have come a long way from the bondage that was their life back in the day.  I won't totally believe that the shootings are racially motivated because they shoot rednecks high on meth too.  It just doesn't make the news.  

Here's my short list on what needs to be dealt with outside of pork barrel deals:

Healthcare Reform.  The entire system is about to implode because of the insurance industry.  One single payer for everybody would eliminate the whole deal of referrals for $$ and prescriptions for kickbacks.  Remember Pharmabro???

Immigration. Simplify immigration laws where they can be more easily navigated and require them to be followed.  Leave the people alone who are already here if they try to become citizens and fail.  Most of them are working low paying jobs that Americans won't touch.  A wall on any border serves no purpose.  There are always tunnels.  

Foreign Policy.  Do what's necessary to stay in good graces with the Middle East and Asia and Russia so that nobody blows the whole world up in a fit of rage.  Target ISIS like a mofo and track 'em down like the dogs they are.  Always remember, the crew that pulled off 9/11 was in training for five years and nobody caught it on the intel radar.  

Peace.  Gender equality is a biggie for me.  I don't care if you're unicorns and OITNB gay.  The bathroom thing is ridiculous, so says the liberal redneck.  He was similarly outraged over our great state trying to make THE BIBLE our state book.  How's that for separation of church and state.  

SCOTUS.  Has been heavily stacked with conservatives for years.  Let's have a more middle of the road approach, umkay?  

Addiction.  Actually this is an offshoot of the healthcare piece but one that is a real danger at this point.  Instead of treating addiction as the disease it is, many unscrupulous doctors substitute a legal form of opiates in the form of suboxone and methadone.  There is no talk therapy or 12 steps of attempt to address the actual problem.  Just throw another pharmaceutical at it and go on down the road.  Easy access to heroin has become an epidemic and ironically it crosses all  social classes equally.  Shut down the pain clinics.  

Organic Farming.  I'm told that Monsanto money goes all the way back to the Rothchilds.  The waves of cancer that we see are largely due to pollution from petroleum products and unsafe farming practices with chemicals.  In the space of 50 years I've seen this farm go from my daddy on a tractor with no cab to lots of John Deere and spraying.  It is what it is but there are healthier ways to farm.  

I guess that's it for my platform rant.  My one outing for today was to the chicken store for a corn dog and I had a single dollar bill to spend at the produce guy's truck.  After asking him how much squash I could get for a buck, he gave me a sack of then and gave the dolla' to his kid.  That's what's up.


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