Sunday, July 24, 2016

mental health day

Sunday is usually go to Jackson for a visit day but I'm taking the weekend off from the real world and BG said she's good with that so there you go.  It helps tremendously that she has her phone back and we can stay in touch more closely.  It's all part of the process, ya know?

My friend Mamye came out yesterday with a bag FULL of memories that included a 1905 yearbook featuring her dad and my grandpa on the high school basketball team.  There was also a 66 year old directory from the Cumberland Presbyterian Church when it was still downtown.  The same names are still carrying forward that tradition to this day!  She's on a mission like me and Lorna to sort and archive and pitch.  It's quite good therapy.

So HRC has a running mate who sounds like an oxymoron....Virginia democrat!!  And Trump continues to use the name of Christianity like he owns it as do his followers.  What the eff' ever dude.  God knows your motives. 

The sound on my laptop has gone missing so i'm limited to the bad ass phone for entertainment.  It's probably something simple like a hidden mute button.  I brought home a ton of work to try and get organized and so far haven't touched it. Maybe the spirit will move soon on that one.  

And the heat wave continues, bless all our hearts.  It's dangerous not just for those who work in it but for people who have trouble breathing because *ozone* and heat dome are a wicked mix.  Not to mention corn sweat!

My neighbors are at the beach and I'm reliving my May vacay through their pictures.  These are the very same folks who feed me by four wheeler and help a girl out.  Mamye is one of those too.  It never ceases to amaze me that people are so good when all we hear about is the bad.  

God is good ~  All the time.

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