Tuesday, July 5, 2016

second hand dumbass

The morning news was just full of folks who acted the fool and did stupid things over the holiday weekend.  Like the drunk Missouri woman who killed two guys with her boat on the Current.  Or the guy whose son got "accidentally" killed at the shooting range who claims that the gun didn't kill the kid....he did.  Just bless 'em.  

T and Peyton just left following a nice little visit where she racked up on old Madame Alexander dolls because "their eyes open and shut!"  She spotted the basket full of toys when they came in and it kept her occupied while my brother and I caught up a bit.  It will probably be a year before I see him again.   It's a long way to the Blue Ridge life from here.  

Meanwhile there is worldwide paranoia over superbugs in the water where the Olympic sailing event will be held due to umm...poor infrastructure and extreme poverty.  Last I heard the housing wasn't even finished.  And the caliphates just keeps on posting.  You would not catch my old ass on any sort of commercial airliner much less in a crowd of people in a third world country.  

What's a person to do?  Dwell on the positives and stay calm, that's what.  The violence is so random that there's no protection in this world against it so just go with the flow and do the next right thing.  Karma is an amazing power.

Faith ~

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