Tuesday, July 26, 2016

mission next

It's therapy time kids!  Y'all get to listen to my version of life which isn't to shabby at the moment except for the heat.  I'll be praying when the next utility bill shows up.  However, there is a plan in motion to liquidate the rest of the Stafford estate including two houses full of unique things. Like, so I can have a couch to lay on and stuff.  

Looking at the projected temps I figured it was best to get a few groceries during lunch rather than in mid-afternoon under the heat dome.  Of course that required lugging the perishables up the hill to the refrigerator at the sawmill until gettin' off time.  And then BACK down the hill to the Camry.  Good thing I come from strong stock.  

It warms my heart to see the graceful way that the Democratic party is coming together.  The integrity of Bernie is something I have admired from day one and I treasure my memorabilia.  For the first time in my life I knew a candidate well enough and trusted him enough to be a supporter, even though he was a rogue.  What he has done for American politics will be in history books as The Great Wakeup Call to partisan policy.

Compromise ~

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