Monday, August 1, 2016

mad enough to cry

It is part of my emotional makeup that when I get really angry I cry and I hate it.  I guess it's probably a release valve so that I don't stroke out or something.  Try as I might I can't always go with the flow and let it go.   Tired old women have short fuses, if you know what I mean.  

The atmosphere is as they say "juicy" right now because it rained and then the sun came back out where I could see steam rising from the pavement on the way home.  I had to stop by the hot house down the road to take a couple more pics but that's the extent of it until I have a day off.  Soooo....the corn sweat is just rolling around out there waiting to attack anybody who has to get out of the house.  I guess that's what gives the children their superpowers.  

I'm ready for the election to be over, by all means.  We discussed Trump in the break room today, two of us liberals and a couple of Donald's fans.  It was a draw because I was too tired to argue.  That and religion can get you into deep shit in a hurry.  The maddest I ever got over something like that was when my younger brother supported Dubya.  I even got in an argument with my MOTHER about it.  Lawd.

Dianne Guthrie Roberts was a high school classmate turned career long co-worker. Her bright smile and cheerful attitude earned her many friends some of whom were her patients at the local cancer center.  I sometimes lovingly refer to it as "the chemo factory".   She was on the radiology side and me in the tiny little lab.  I've noticed the last few times I've been over that there are volunteers now helping with patient needs.  This. Is awesome.  

An oncology group from Memphis sees patients two days a week and radiation work is performed daily under the direction of the clinic owner.  Dianne has been sick for a very long time and her best friend/cheerleader/husband has kept the world at large aware of how her days have been going.   She will be missed, but I will always remember her smile and style.  

And heaven gains another angel ~

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  1. May she R.I.P.
    I'm sorry for your loss, Janie.
    Haven't experienced a close loss like that yet. Moms and dads aren't the same as coworker friends.