Monday, July 25, 2016

not a clue

I called the doctor's office today to schedule an appointment for some colon issues.  That's my new goal to keep in good shape as long as I have insurance and can afford the 40 buck co-pay.  Fortunately Friday is payday.  The young lady who took my call reminded me that I had missed a previous appointment because who knows why.  We now have a scorecard at the front desk on no shows.  Geez. I've been a patient there for 40 years and missed ONE.   I'm talking ice queen.

I stopped in to get some gas when I noticed the red light at lunch and ran into my old friend Boatright of old time hippie days.  He's a junker from way back when who used to hang out in our den watching Bonanza.  We chatted about the abundance of cancer and our talk turned to spraying crops as a major player, especially in low areas like West Tennessee.  Traditional farming methods have killed folks for years yet nobody will try anything different to try and save the earth.  Gawd.

We had a surprise rain shower today as I was leaving work and (of course) I was soaked when I got in the house.   I'm busy tapping away at my future whatever that may be.  

I really can't describe where my head is now because it's complicated.  My brother just called worrying over his blood pressure and asking me if that 120 is a necessity to which I replied no.  If two pills is too much, take a half plus one.  Don't depend on a healthcare practitioner for everything because Lord knows they're not God.  

Do no harm ~

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