Thursday, July 28, 2016

brain dead

Due to the kindness of a co-worker I have an unexpected day off to do some gettin' together of my shit.  I've been revising a lot of policy and procedure and find it easier to get organized in the quiet of home.  There is also the upcoming sale at Casa Grands and I ventured down early to take some pictures.  There is still a ton of stuff there which was way overpriced so there you go.  It's do or die time so there will be bargains galore.  Hide and watch.

Just got a random call from the past which led us down memory lane for quite some time.  Karen was the microbiology queen for many years and Carol followed her up when she left.  Then came Martha!  Louise was there then and a few of us still remain.  

The medical transport helicopter just flew over which always makes me think that I'm right in their flight pattern so they could just crash all into the house here on the hill and it would be over.  Being the faithful sort I'll manifest that not to happen until I get laid one more time.  

Got stuff to do.  Later ^j^  

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