Friday, July 8, 2016

wordless terror

Sometimes I get wonky trying to get the blog published using laptop to compose and phone to share on FB.'s complicated around here.  I washed out what was left in the washer's last spinless run in the sink last night and pitched it into the dryer.  At that point I was just grateful that the dryer is here and it's paid for as of this week.  Little did I know when I typed out that little diatribe yesterday about police brutality that the shit was about to hit the fan.  

Here's the thing to all you terrorists with guns out there:  black,white,purple,whatever.  When people unite with their families for peaceful protest in the name of social change, to use that gathering as an opportunity to slaughter law enforcement officers who were actually not having a bad time of it until your asses showed up on the roof with ...what?  GUNS.  Now I know you 2nd amendment folks are saying " the guns didn't kill the cop black guys did."  To which I reply is that the same as the guns didn't kill the innocent black guys the cops did?  Wrong is wrong and access to guns like we have around here is insane considering the mental health of most citizens and the opportunity to showcase with modern media.  Get over  your bad selves people.  

Once again, my position has always been and will always be pro-personal gun use excluding high powered automatic weapons.  But you know what?  The NRA which actually started as an honorable gentleman's hunting organization has turned into the devil on crack and they don't make money unless the clandestine gun sales continue.  Nor do the politicians who are paid by them.  Mostly Republicans.  I'm too tired to be pissed off about it anymore, choosing quiet resolve instead.  George Zimmerman wasn't a real cop so he doesn't count in this discussion, or ever for that matter.  You don't kill people for petty theft.

I don't have any answers and I wish I did.  We the people are too busy bickering over shit like Benghazi and guns instead of figuring out what the hell we're gonna' do when the zombies show up.  I figure I'll just pray a lot that it's over quickly and doesn't hurt.  

And yes, it's still hot as hell.  My old butt was dragging today on the 5th of 5 at 100 degrees,  Maybe I can find some cheap tennis shoes at the Good Will when I pick up BG from work.  All roads seem to lead to Jackson right now.  

My dear Methodist friend Sue K brought me a book today that she got at annual conference several weeks ago.  I carry one in my purse now just in case I get stuck in a waiting room.  The next trick is finding glasses in that purse.  

Y'all be careful out there ~

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