Thursday, August 14, 2014


Mom is still in ICU but now knows who she is and kina' sorta' how she got there. It's been a long week for her beginning with the ambulance ride Sunday night. I am still absolutely floored with the outpouring of prayer and support for she and my family. Daddy is headed for his own doctor's appointment this morning and Bubba is getting groceries and picking up a prescription for me. It takes a village, you know. Gigi scooped me up yesterday afternoon for a dip in her pool which seemed more heavenly than ever before just because I feel germy. There were three of them watching to make sure I didn't fall or slip under the water. Bleach is good, ummkay! I slept like a baby since mom worries were a little lighter.

I'm pretty much out of touch with the "real world" as in what's going on war and politics wise. Since Congress is on vacay there's nothing up there (and there usually isn't even when in session.) Do nothing is their motto. I haven't seen Boogs in a couple of days and I miss his little voice. He and BG talk up a storm about every little thing and then some.
We are being blessed again with a cool(er) spell making August not the usual sweatfest that it can be in Tennessee.

And so, since my life consists pretty much of going from chair to chair at this point, I have very little to say. I am humbled by my current limitations and hope to heal completely though I know that arthritis will always be a thorn in my side. And shoulder. And knees!

Enjoy the quiet. Pretty soon I'll bust loose with all sorts of wisdom! Keep the faith ^j^

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