Thursday, August 21, 2014


We got to sleep in this morning until time to go pick Daddy up and head over to the home for paper signing. Mama will be there for 30 days and after that I dunno. No weight bearing for 8 weeks is what they said so it sounds like wheelchair time after her time there. PT will more than likely consist of upper arm strengthening so as to spare the broken leg much pressure. I guess she could drag it behind a walker but that other one is failing fast. For now, she's in a bed with a nice roommate and nice people to care for her every wish. The mini-fridge was unplugged when we got there with Dilly bars but BG took care of that quickly. There are all kinds of "workers" and I'm amazed at how the whole thing runs smooth as silk connecting the chronically ill with their families. The admin there sings in the choir with Daddy and they chatted about hairdos by the gospel singin' beauticians and other important issues.

Ferguson? Don't ask me man. It's like a bad movie playing over and over again every night. I read the comments about how they come out at night because they blend in with the darkness and I want to puke yet I know that there is an entire generation of African Americans who feel entitled for something they never earned as sucklings on the entitlement tit yet can still buy Fubu and NBA gear. Fuck that ya'll! I'm the hard working tax paying citizen who has helped on that bill for a lot of years. I'm not saying the police response was right. I'm just saying that the money won't go on forever. Get yo' baggy ass out of the 'hood and focus on something besides yourself and the race card.

Middle East? Hmm. If the POTUS knows what's good for him he'll bring the planes home and let the whole thing implode. I'm sorry that the guy got killed, but I respect the fact that no ransom was paid (we think.) If there was, we got screwed sort of like when we fought those wars where we were protecting the foreign oil prior to that big fat pipeline that will split our country. Keystone..just say no.

In other news the neighbors will probably be moving post-fire so that's a good thing. Now I can pick my own after the restoration company does their thing. My best neighbors ever were Tommy and Yvette who were runnin' the roads as big city reporters but always came back to the homestead. They taught me the reality of don't own/can't defend and struck out on their own to make it happen in their lives. Both are talented artists in many respects including photography, story telling and simple pleasures. There is an ancient brick outdoor grill that we shared many a meal over with beer and wine enjoying the moment.

BG and I had this teary conversation at the round table (which is really oblong) about the whole concept of what Jesus did so that we could be forgiven for not being perfect. The past month has been a blur of surgery and more surgery and hospitals and nursing homes and both of us are just kinda' like "really?" It was supposed to be my time to rest but it didn't turn out that way. It has taken a toll on the entire family and my friend Lorna pointed out that I am the matriarch now. That's some scary shit with this family!

Other than that, it's all sunshine and rainbows. Oh..and unicorns!

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  1. I could just say "AMEN" and end it at that. Do you know my blog-friend Monette? Her 23 year old daughter is dead (unexpectedly) and I feel terrible for her and ashamed to whine about anything for a while.