Friday, August 8, 2014

conspiracy theory

I just spent a long time on the phone with a lifelong resident of Lake county and we were discussing the local election results. Both of us got new county mayors that look promising for the locals and the economy. I did not totally understand Prop 1 in MO and she explained to me that it will more than likely shut down family and/or organic farms in that state and the land around her port and my interstate is being chopped up like BBQ with imminent domain. The housing market is booming what with all the corporate big wigs from other countries coming around to supervise the transformation of our historic lands to a parking lot full of containers. I69 is the key to that little know the one that will run from Mexico to Canada so that we can transport to our heart's content. Never mind what all of this is doing to the Mighty Mississippi and Reelfoot Lake. Rant over. I do have a dog in this fight and will keep bitching.

I'm taking a different non-narcotic drug that helps with chronic nerve pain and it seems to be working well with Aleve. I suppose I've finally slept off the anesthesia enough to get back to a normal sleeping pattern if you call bed at 8 and wakeup at 6:30 normal. I was sleeping for 14 hours straight the first week! I'm amazing at how relaxed I am and how many thoughts are materializing now that I have the luxury of time to let them develop. The #1 funniest thing I've read so far today is about Mitch McConnell's wife being anti-coal. I wonder about Mrs. Rand Paul, wife of the Fancy Farm escape artist.

I feel positive about things around the world because so far we have managed to stay out of multiple civil wars that are none of our bidness' like Syria. Aid for those poor stranded people in Iraq Big Ike is on the way with a couple of bombs to knock ISIS out of the way. Lorna suggested turning the place into a big parking lot now that all the civilians are cornered and could be spared. Sometimes you just have to take charge and do things right. The people of this great country mostly understand what a mess we made over there and that we pretty much left them defenseless, yet it had to be done. Too many of OUR troops died defending I'm not sure what post 9/11.

Other random observations from my pointed little head include:

Toenail fungus is a total biatch to get rid of. I've skillfully removed every one of the nails and treated according afterward, bit by bit. It can spread to skin BTW, or even start there. I use peroxide and alcohol a LOT plus whatever that acid is.

I've stayed totally in for two days which makes me kind of crazy in some ways but happy in others. It's still rainy and the dogs are muddy. And so is my bed!

Spent yesterday going through old pics on a jump drive looking for one in particular and never did find it. I take a LOT of pictures/

I could totally get into some Hempz lotion right now because it smells so delicious and does the job.

Since Hastings didn't have House of Cards when I wanted it I gave up and will wait. TV stays off mostly in my room.

So, at least now I'm making lists and sometimes not even numbering then which is how us rebels roll. No bullet for your point??? Come on and get me grammar Nazis. I don't write by the rules, and never have. I write like I think and it's something you can't force. I know when it's time to sit down and let it flow and when to shut up and go to the next task.

Right now? That's laundry...or maybe not.

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