Wednesday, August 6, 2014

online and no bandage

I've had the sling off on a couple of occasions just to see what it feels like (hurts) and finally ripped off the bloody bandage that was placed over the multiple entrance sites for the arthroscopic repair. They are steristripped down and my shoulder has a nice drawing in Sharpie outlining the plan of attack. According to BG, the surgeon said that the entire whatever you call that thing that covers the shoulder joint was torn off, bursa maybe? My bad for waiting so long. Had I known then what I know now? It would have been done toot suite. Either Blogger has been taken over by the Russian hackers or they're doing some maintenance because it's all squirrely with no stats. At least they're letting me type and save! There are a multitude of things I've learned to do with my left hand, letting that one lead the way and the hurt one just kinda' hang out. Typing is not one of those, by the way. That made me remember the very first internet help call I made to a local provider through dialup YEARS ago. He told me not to use all caps 'cuz it's like YELLING!!

It's hot and dry..the rain never materialized. Corn is turning yellow and gold and makes a beautiful sight at the moment. I still keep looking for the "children" or Shoeless Joe to turn up but nada. Not even a snake! I walked the yard yesterday for the first time and was dismayed at the flower beds that I carefully planted covered in morning glory and that stuff from the river that gets really tall. I can't believe I brought that up the hill because the flower was "pretty!" The grapevine out back wasn't planned it just happened after an afternoon of gathering that turned into nothing much but a small wreath and a long friendship. I've lost touch with a lot of folks but stayed in touch with many more which makes me feel good. I often wonder how we ever got along without the technology to communicate with loved ones. Sure...they survived but dang. We might need to pencil that one in under "zombie apocolypse" for possible scenarios. My dream last night was about losing my phone and being unable to call somebody for a bottle of hooch. WTF was that about? I only drink beer. Maybe my subconscious needs a fruity drink or something.

Anywho, we're still bungling along keeping the faith here on Pecan Lane.

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  1. I hope your shoulder heals quickly. I am not looking forward to surgery, although I am no stranger to it, but I haven't had any since the 70's (except for oral surgery) and back then I bruised easily but healed quickly. I hope you do too!