Thursday, August 7, 2014

9things i've learned from shoulder surgery

The current fad on most popular online sites is to put up a list of certain number of "things." That really appeals to me in a way since I'm such a hot mess of trying to be efficient, but always failing to reach the task at hand. I think you are born either efficient or not which is defined by the side of the brain in control. Or something like that. Anyways, the organizers in my life like BG and my bossfriend keep things pretty much on an even keel in spite of my wandering attention span. I'm telling ya, I need Adderol! The bandage is off and I can feel the reconstruction with my left hand enough to know that it is fragile and must not be messed with. The transition from opiates to OTC meds is a little painful, but doable. I've had all sort of time to stay current on world affairs (rarely turn on the TV that's in a two year satellite contract)choosing the WWW as a way to keep up. Today is election day and there are a few hotly contested races locally, including sheriff and county mayor. I've stayed out of campaigning for anybody lest I leave the impression that I'm "against" someone. My vote counted, for what it's worth.

It's been kinda' thunderstormy with more in the forecast. I fell asleep listening to the rumble of thunder last night. Thunderstormy means hot and humid which is not my ideal environment so I'm staying in. Shannah and fam are settling into their little crib and I haven't seen "the babyman" since ummm? Yesterday was a busy and emotional day for her and my heart goes out as far as the sling will let it! In the end, I think it will turn out to be a blessing.

1. Never take for granted the luxury of washing your own hair.

2. The sling is there for a reason and that is to support the repair of that mess of a shoulder. Use it.

3. Friends come out of the woodwork when you're sick.

4. My mother will always tell me what to do.

5. BG is officially qualified as a CNA.

6. There is nothing like a home cooked meal of stuffed shells. Nothing. Well, maybe Domino's spinach alfredo pizza

7. Using a mouse is extremely cumbersome when typing in a sling. I need something big and touch screen.

8. I miss my peeps at the sawmill but from what I hear I couldn't handle it at the moment.

9. Everytime I begin to lose faith in humanity, I think about Pope Francis.

Ya'll have a blessed weekend. I plan to do the same ^j^

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