Tuesday, August 5, 2014

one week out

This time last Tuesday I was propped up in the outpatient surgery unit reading Janet Evanovich and waiting for the whole thing to be over. I was not really scared, just tired of waiting and dreading the pain. So far it has been quite manageable but I'm almost out of you know what even though I used them responsibly. I've taken just enough to keep the pain bearable when I'm up and moving around and not much around at all when I sleep. Aleve helps. Ibuprofen helps. Twelve hour naps help a LOT. I got all teary eyed yesterday thinking about how well BG has taken care of my ADHD ass. She knows I *tend to wander* and watches closely to make sure I don't fall yet again. Shannah and Boogs were back again this morning to scoop up more stuff and they're planning their first big meal at the new place.

The tears roll daily not from pain but from a freeing of pent up emotions that have been waiting for an opportune time to manifest..like, not at the sawmill or while trying to get errands done. Mama is going to play Bingo today with her sister at the home and I sent BG this text from the next room last night." Wanna go play bingo with Mom and Aunt Granny?" Her reply: "How's Memaw gonna' play BINGO????" That's where she comes in, of course. I love it when that happens. I'm glad we've got a dang social worker in this village. Lord knows we need a case manager!!

So as far as I can tell the GOP is still a bunch of uptight assholes and the Dems and Independents could have a field day if they would just ramp up on things that the American people consider important which is most definitely NOT suing the president. Holy Jesus people...the middle East is about to implode and Ebola is running rampant being tested for but not yet isolated from African travelers. Not to mention Putin and his shenanigans. We do not care about ACORN or birthplace or Clinton's sex life. What we want is a way to support ourselves in a comfortable fashion doing work that is fair compensation in today's economy. We want Fred Phelps and Rush to go away forever. We want student loans refinanced for the decade's worth of students who bought into an education right about the time the market collapsed. We want children cared for by those who feel the need to do God's work in that way. We want the war on drugs/liberals/gays/ to end as well as the political process that pulls religion into government with big money promises. We want world peace, a cool new app for our fancy phones and lower gas prices without fracking up our great country. We would love to eat organically if only it were affordable. Thanks to the giant network that is dollar stores and EBT, that isn't possible for many people.

Basically all I want is to be left alone with my beliefs and passions and respected, if not for them, in spite of them. The great thing about FB is that I can control the content and if somebody slaps up a really nasty pro-gun or anti-Obama piece of crap I can move on. This is the area that really scares the bejesus out of me because so many people of below average intelligence claim the 2nd amendment as given from God. Oh, and their relatives too who are bi-polar and just waiting for a reason to go off on a bunch of innocent kids. Shame on you...all of you. Keep your handarms and rifles. Get rid of the automatics. As for the economy, I have to agree with my friend Keith that the incentive to start up businesses in our country is ridiculous because of our high corporate tax rate. That being said, small business do not HAVE to be corporations. The whole premise is one of supporting the local economy, on whatever level, to where the locals are taken care of. That doesn't just mean the rich ones or the entitled. Everybody, ya'll. The whole village, so to speak. That cuts out big government and gives us more power to stand alone without federal handouts. Keep an eye on TennCare...that one ain't over yet.

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