Monday, August 4, 2014

unearned blessings

Day 6 is a bitch because I'm feeling good enough to get out but not for long with that heat. We scrapped a plan to visit Gigi's pool because it's just too much trouble to get from pointA to pointB. We swang by the bank (twice) and BG learned how I roll on payday. BeccaBoo and 'Chele and them are just gorgeous and love to see the occasion to catch up with the families that do business there. Sam the former manager is working for TNgov now in some sort of child services position. We need a LOT of those here in the Volunteer state because our quality of living outside of Haslam, Corker and Alexander is atrocious. Oh, and whatever quarterback is being recruited. My daddy is one of the biggest UT fans in the world and I'm thinking about inviting the TV pickers do a segment on his orange and white shrine. Which used to be my room...go figure. I defected and went to Memphis State but did manage to snag a degree from UTCHS as it was known then.

It's been a very challenging *cough* year for me and a lot of other folks. I called Propane Guy and we chatted about the clusterfuck that speculators caused for small dealers and consumers like him and me during the Polar Vortex. Prices stabilized about April and it's a gamble just to know when the buyers and speculators (bigfish) will allow a contract through. He watches it daily because it's his livelihood. Butch used to coach football in Lake County prior to taking over his daddy's bid'ness. He has kept me warm for years and always understands the fuel challenged environment in which I live. It helps having the dining room open so that air can travel freely. They came back to finish up packing and read a boookk this morning. Shannah swept and there's a whole clean floor there which wasn't apparent eight months ago.

I'm all about making amends now that the universe has allowed me some time to rest. There are others besides PG who kept me going with their presence and wisdom. Rod is the who has counseled me through two divorces and multiple opportunities for self improvement. He has only just now billed me for the first time after carrying me for about six months pro-bono. Dude totally didn't have to do that, but it's what devoted therapists will actually practice. Do.Not.Abandon. While we were out paying bills Daddy came to the house on his gator and brought in the mail. Which was more bills, but hey. I've gotten several get well cards and BBQ dinners so I'm feeling blessed about that too. I expect to come out of this surgery owing way more money that I should considering I work in healthcare. Whatever happened to the professional discount? I'll tell you what ya''s all in-sourced to giant corporations who "manage things." Many of them are publicly traded. And it's not just healthcare. My husband worked for a local rubber plant that either sold or merged about 10 times while he was there and corporate was always in Ohio. WTF? Every time the company changed hands there were shirts and hats and all kinds of hoopla' to celebrate. Most of the industry in our area has been of that ilk...use the locals to produce until you can't use 'em anymore. One of the few times I ever looked at another job was when Baekart was here and they were attempting to hire chemists for about 13 bucks an hour. Good luck with that in the 'burg ya'll.

We are a poster community for small town southern politics and forbidden secrets that only the #kudzu can hide. Hat tip to #joshilynjackson I know all you the rest of USA people don't really understand the sweet tea and debutante ball thing but it is real in our memories just like integration and fine china with family silver on the side. In the south, football is everything. Who's the new coach? How much for that hot recruit! Season tickets!!!!! Team pride is big business all over the country and sadly it's not always about the academic side of things. It's what keeps Hibbett's in business. Our town square sits empty of much activity other than court and lawyers because investors have met fierce resistance by local church communities to opportunities for higher end events because of alcohol restrictions. There is a perfectly cute little beer garden all locked up next to Forked Deer Hardware and Stephen Fincher's office...which is usually empty.

As Rod would say "Here's the thing..." We are all in this together and if you don't save yourself, you are no good to anybody else. He snickered at me one time about not enabling people/places/things to control my life. Knows me like a self-help book, that one. BG is helping me sort through the paper and figure what's got to be paid and what can wait. I figure since the feds haven't come after me yet they'll wait until refund time to maximize that blow. I refuse to mail a 50 buck a month payment to a government that doesn't even know my name except through big money and corruption. U!S!A! you must listen to Poops. That may or may not be true but whatever, I'm on a roll.

Happy Monday afternoon from the lane. Looks like rain!

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