Sunday, August 17, 2014

fly over

I heard some commotion a few minutes ago and went to the back porch delighted to find a formation of fighter planes practicing for the airshow in my freakin' yard almost! The golf course road separates our place and the golf course (of course) plus the city airport right behind it. We have used those runways as access to our homes when the water got so high you couldn't pass with a tractor. The Halls airbase was bustling with activity during WWII and many an airman found his bride around these parts. There is a museum there now and the annual air show is a local favorite. they come again! Those suckers are LOWWWW.

Mom is around the corner on this event and headed to rehab in the next few days. She has her choice of two places both of which can provide what she needs so it's up to her. My arm is very sore and I'm trying to tough it out with Aleve today so we shall see. Looks like there might be rain on the way which will hopefully settle the dust but dang the next week is gonna' be brutal temperature wise. Yeah, we've been lucky so far.

I have no opinions on Michael Brown yet because the whole story (meaning that not controlled by the media) hasn't been presented. I'm so sorry for the little junior reporters that got cleared out of McDonald's but please. When there's that kind of chaos going on, don't add another element of danger. My riverguy friend Brian lives near there and has been following the whole thing closely for a WEEK now???? Cmon people. Get.A.Grip. There is injustice all over the world and it's not just because you're black and unarmed. However, I do think it's a shame that our militarized police state has trumped all the little people. My brother is a former TV reporter AND cop with a couple of toddlers. Someone actually called him OUT for leaving his child in the car while he grabbed a paper or something. That's says volumes about our "I am right and you are wrong" mentality.

I'm lost right now, unable to do what I want and too tired to try even if I could. This past week has taken a toll both physically and mentally. I was just about to get to a relaxed spot when you-know-what hit the fan. My friend's 62nd birthday is today and she's coming by for a visit. Her family surprised her with a party yesterday featuring lots of food, fun and pictures. Cute kids...lovely family!

I can hear the locusts now singing the end of summer song. They are loud at sundown which I've noticed comes earlier than when I began to retire at 6PM. My stamina is zero in spite of long rests so I guess it's time to exercise my legs. The calves are sore from me actually using them to push up rather than my right arm.

Happy Sunday and almost football season to those who care! That means you Nita :)

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