Sunday, August 3, 2014

early to bed and early to rise

so far that's been my motto and it seems to be working out. Even when I'm not recovering from surgery I'm a no nap kind of gal choosing instead to lay it down for the long haul. Works better for me that way, you know? I'm totally in love with having a rocker next to my bed because it's where I like to make my little "station" and be still for TV and whatnot. So far we're still getting the basic package...not sure how long that will last. Booger spend the night 'cuz his Mama was working and we woke up bright and early only to find that with 3 players, none of them would keep Scrat going. Not.Good. Shannah scooped him up for the teenagers to watch and the grands, driven by their greatest friend Tony, delivered breakfast from Daylight. I'd hate to miss a Sunday, ya know?

So, I haven't really been conscious long enough to be bored, but I feel it coming. The house is getting more spacious by the day as things get boxed and bagged and moved to the next place. We visited yesterday and found Boogs doing handstands INTO his playpen which has never been used around here. I'm digging through piles of clean clothes and deciding what to use as a dust rag and what to keep. Listening to music and piddling. In a way I'm glad that my arm is a handicap at this point. I'd be one mean ass woman on a mission with a mop if it weren't. I've rearranged the sling a few times and will probably have to visit the doc tomorrow for an "adjustment" because it's a mess. Plus there's a staph epidemic going on around here so that qualifies as a public health threat in this environment. You should have seen Shannah's eyes when I described MRSA to her. I didn't dare mention #ebolageddon. Sometimes, I know too much.

There are a select few pieces of vintage furniture here that are my treasures and are being plotted as my very own pieces with a do-over. Part of that is a maple settee and armchair that was my GREAT grandmother's which I redid for the first time as a new college graduate. I've missed Roseanne which is something I didn't realize until I got hooked into a Snark marathon this morning. Yes, I'm managing quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. Yesterday's mission was a trip to get Rhotos which is the most decadent kind of small pleasure I can afford. The dust is gettin' thick and the dogs are rolling in it. Ya'll know what that means.

Autumn clematis!

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