Friday, August 29, 2014

challenge this

Okay, enough with the ice water already. It's not cool after a week, if you know what I mean. Howard Stern was the most ridiculous I saw but then that's his total persona. I remember watching him on late night years ago as a naughty pleasure but now he just looks old. I guess that proves I'm getting there too! Lord knows my body feels it. The shoulder is healing slowly and getting some use but nothing fancy. It will take the remaining two weeks to get it in good enough shape for all day use and even then I'm sure there will be lingering pain. Some guy told me he had his done a year ago and still has trouble to the point of steroid injections. Ugh. My friend volunteered to bring her hubby's truck and help out this weekend with the mountain of garbage out back. I certainly don't have to worry about the grass growing there. There's also an old aluminum storm door but I'm saving that for a covered bed in the spring. Yes I probably will never happen but I'm ready if it does.

So, our top story today is that the POTUS wore a tan suit to a informal speech and immediately got smashed for not being "serious" enough to wear a dark color when discussing ISIS. This kind of fluff makes me want to bang my head against the wall. I'm not his biggest fan as I've stated before, but really? Discuss something besides his wardrobe and the golf course. I agree with my new "friend" Carl that if the GOP entertains even a dream of winning some elections they had better get a'hold of their fractured party. I don't see that happening so, guess who's going to be Madame President? That is, unless the world ends first and the way things are going.....

Poor Joan Rivers had an MI during a screening procedure and my first question to self was :"At her age, why is she even doing that>>>" I had that discussion with my mama not too long ago about "whaddya' gonna do if there's cancer?" Same thing for cardiac testing prior to surgery..what difference does it make? It had to be done and diagnostics are being used way too often as money makers rather than tools to figure something out. Referrals...referrals...referrals. It's what makes healthcare go around and the cost to skyrocket!! When I first began working the hospital billed for EVERYTHING and contracted with providers for their services. Now those services are provided by privately owned and operated companies with their own profit margin to see after. It's just the reality of our day, not my particular place. All hospitals do it because somewhere along the line some government rule maker decided it should be thus and so. Transparency gone wild.

The funniest thing I read today was about this really conservative "save the traditional family" type group is trying to book a convention in Australia and nobody will take them! I would file that one under poetic justice of our modern times. Even small acts of seeming approval for discrimination are not politically popular these days. I was tickled to death to see that Market Basket's CEO got his job back after everybody raised hell with the board of directors. To have that kind of employee loyalty is something most companies only dream about. It is much easier to sit back and do nothing then bitch about the outcome. You people rock!

It's Labor Day weekend, the official last weekend of summer unless you live in Tennessee or thereabouts where summer continues until Thanksgiving. The county fair starts Monday and this weekend the place will be a beehive of activity with people moving in livestock and every other little thing for judging. Proceeds from the sale of my mother's cookbook went to help build the Family Life building.

Over and out from the lane ^j^

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