Saturday, August 2, 2014

ask and ye shall receive

Day 3 was painful but not in a killing way thanks to good old opioids. Like my friend said "to hell with Aleve." As I type there is a crew of three cute guys working on the landscape, one on a gravel spreader and two on mower and weedwhacker. The holes that have been dragging down all three vehicles are filled nicely PLUS the back door is new and shuts. Low maintenance, I'm telling you. Some friends brought a dinner of BBQ yesterday and caught me up on our shared world at the sawmill. Mom and Daddy came all the way up to my porch on the gator and even got out for a visit on the porch. She had on her rainbonnet so as not to mess up that expensive do' she got on Thursday. Gotta' save it for church!
Mama was hell bent on us having cheese so BG ran and fetched after they left. He just put it on the chair by the door and locked up.

Today is the first day of Shannah's new life which, of her own making, includes having all three kids in one spot called home for the first time ever. No words, ya'll. No words! Babygates are down and I'm able to travel straight from front door to back without crawling.'s good exercise. Yesterday's craving for domino's has carried over so that's looking like a lunch option. They deliver, which is what's up at the moment. BG is sick also with staph and her usual summer skin allergies. Yes, we are a pitiful lot but blessed beyond measure.

Next project? House of Cards, season 2. Bring it Kevin!

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