Tuesday, August 26, 2014

the snowball effect

It's dangerously hot and humid around here which is why I'm not going anywhere that I don't have to. Even then, I'm worn out by the time I get home. I've had surgery several times before and bounced back pretty quickly, but I was nowhere near 60 then. I looked at some more EOBs yesterday to see how much I owe for my surgery and it's looking like a pretty big chunk already. There will be payment plans and auto-deductions for sure. Maybe when the arm gets well I can sort through the "treasures" up in here and sell some more. I have absolutely no reason to own an entire set of Noritake china. Seriously. Hopefully that will keep the wolf from the door until I can get this "complicated" financial situation under control. I rode the snowball one time all the way to BK court.

I have some really strange looking lesions on my skin that I must get checked out by my friend the derm doctor. That would be before I go back to see the surgeon again. I'm ashamed to say how long it's been since I visited a dentist but I'm a faithful brusher even when tired and sick. Blogging has been the highlight of my days though it was kinda' fun to run across a Breaking Bad marathon and get to see the entire cast glow in all their Emmy glory last night. The rocker hasn't been used much but I've about got it arranged where it will be my go-to spot.

Mama is working hard at therapy and having a nice time chatting with her roommate. Daddy is busy arranging transportation for all his needs which includes visits to the home. She's hard to catch because they keep the patients busy most of the time. One of the therapists there was once a co-worker at the sawmill and she takes the most amazing photographs in her spare time. We chatted during my visit the other day and it was good to touch base. Both of her daughters are co-workers as well. Another friend's mom is just a few doors down and I met her the other day as well. Sweet.As.Pie.

There's a funny smell in the air that I can only assume comes from farm chemicals wafting my way. I will be so excited to have this corn GONE for the year and I pray for beans and wheat next season. I went to the attic this morning for the first time in forever looking for some papers. There is so much up there that needs to be chunked, but it's not near as bad as it used to be. My hobby for the past few years has been going through the history of an entire family and sorting into piles what to keep and share. Technically I'm not a hoarder because it all has value I just have no venue for selling it. Too lazy for EBay and not nearly organized enough. When I realized today that I didn't have my current W2 or my parents' insurance policies, I was forced into trudging up there in the heat. God bless all ya'll who work where it's hot because I wouldn't last 30 minutes.

The Today show has been one of my favorite things about being able to finally watch TV and this morning they were all about the Emmy awards and everybody wanted to sit on Al's couch for an interview. I know that the market demands that they get paid like that but damn. I only saw one little sliver of Kevin Spacey's face and wish I had Netflix just for that. More and more often cable networks are outperforming the MSM lotso'- ads kind of stuff and I'm glad I lived to see it. Lionsgate and HBO are companies that have always had my heart. My favs like Modern Family and BB were honored "heavily" and I couldn't be happier. It's quite obvious that I'm still in a fantasy world, if you know what I mean. I really never did want to grow up and be a responsible adult, even though I've played the part for many years.

Now for today's shameless pimp-out: My friend Joe Robinsmith has started a cheesecake business in Canada and has been posting his creations and crowdsourcing festivals to get it off the ground. This is one of the two guys who have had my back the ENTIRE time I've been a blogger and I wish only the best for him. Check him out and friend him on my FB page. He doesn't ship yet but could use the support! As for Drew, love you too and mean it. He sells genuine cast iron cookware himself. Shannon, Idgie, Mahala and all those others have their own little stores so why not me? I've always been a procrastinator (shut.up.) and totally missed out on the high times of Etsy. My pictures are scattered around in boxes and on drives and there is very little organization there. Now that the house is clean maybe I can put BG on that task! That is when she's not busy driving Miss Poopie.

Peace and love. Adopt a stray...vote a tightass politician out of office or serve at a soup kitchen. Do something for Christ's sake. It is only with action that peace can be accomplished. And it's what Jesus would do.



  1. Amen. We had a conversation the other night with friends about doing what Jesus would have done (or we think he would have done.) It is perplexing how some people can misinterpret his Word.