Wednesday, August 13, 2014

baby steps

I said nada on the intensive care visit yesterday afternoon opting instead for a spell this morning. Mama is a real talker and was struggling against the bi-pap to tell us what to do ask about daddy. There were tests and treatments and lots of life saving things going on. Her nurses and therapists are respected co-workers who keep me in the loop with the short list of important things. Since I am her DPA for healthcare, it's all good. At this point, I'm gonna' have to give it up and let the universe take over because my shoulder hurts from all the traveling. It's not like in the old days when we didn't have smart phones! As we were making our way out to the car I started to tear up a bit and we passed this guy I know by the door talking on his cell. Still cute after all these years. And still a smartass. Mom's current healthcare crisis has shown me dock to door how care is delivered to the elderly. The only rude caregiver I came across was in the ER and she got over it in a hurry. Here's the thing: we should treat ALL of them like they are our own family members. Rude girl was probably on her period or something equally traumatic.

BG and I shared a quite powerful video earlier concerning all the violence and wah wah surrounding Michael Brown's death in Missouri. What this (also black) man basically said was "quit whining about the poelice." Dude also called out Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Reparations my ass. Nobody who knows me would ever dare call me a racist if they realize that I grew up playing with the neighbor kids before integration was mandated. Chew on that one haters. My point is this...the sagging set of today's world who thinks it's cool to terrorize people trapped in their cars because they're WHITE? You are way too young to even remember anyone who was a slave. Get over it.

Hmm. Iraq got a hundred more troops and you would think it was all out invasion to listen to the media. That is a reasonable number to establish a rescue mission for those people on the mountains. Then, get the hell out and let them figure it out on their own or die. Not.Our.Job.

Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams have died and I just heard that one of my oldest friends has as well. Charles Hendrix owned the local skating rink forever and lived right behind it. His wife Louise and I were fellow lab techs and it was one big happy family back in the day. She retired to "help" him with the landlord business and grandkids. She will be lost for awhile, but I know that life has a way of hooking up the grieving with just the right amount of social activity to keep them believing. BG (who was named after Bacall and Hutton) is currently chopping the shit out of my home grown 'maters for a nice marinara.

Life is good~

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